How to Find a New Job in the U.S.

It can take a significant portion of your time just looking for open positions, submitting resumes and filling out job applications.

This is especially true if you do not know how to effectively conduct a job search or present yourself in an application or interview.

Fortunately, there are various tips and resources for you to take advantage of in order to make the job seeking process as efficient and effective as possible.

These guidelines may help you get back on your feet and become independent from unemployment benefits, if you use them.

Tips for Writing the Perfect Resume

One of the first thing hiring employers will look at when sorting through applicants is their resume.

In fact, a good resume is one of the most important factors in getting hired at a new job.

Resumes are a good way for employers to weed out any applicants who are unqualified or who have presented themselves unprofessionally.

In many cases, a resume is the first impression an employer will get of the candidates for the position.

Even if an applicant has all of the required experience and credentials, a poor resume can sometimes cause them to miss out on a job.

Job seekers are recommended to tailor their resume in order to improve their chances of impressing an employer.

For example, job seekers who are applying to an accounting position should put any applicable skills or related work experience near the top of their resume.

This method allows for employers to see any pertinent skills and experience as soon as they start looking at a resume, and they will be less likely to overlook anything important.

Another important aspect of an effective resume is to include a strong cover letter.

Resumes that come with cover letters are typically more likely to draw the attention of employers.

Applicants with subpar or outdated resumes and cover letters are likely to face difficulties finding a new job in the growing market.

How to Be an Effective Job Seeker

Whether they are first-time job seekers or recently unemployed workers, the following tips can make it easier to find employment.

For example, creating and updating an online portfolio can be a great way to organize all of your application materials in one location.

Career-focused social media services like LinkedIn is another popular way to create a professional identity online.

Through LinkedIn, employers have the opportunity to reach out directly to potential hires. Here are some other popular tips for being an effective job seeker:

  • Visit job centers in your area and take advantage of their training programs and the other resources they have available.
  • Find help with resume writing and interview skills. Many job centers offer these services, but even getting a friend or family member to practice with can be a great help.
  • Conduct research on both the employers and job positions on all potential employment opportunities before applying.
  • Attend job fairs as an opportunity to network with potential employers and your professional peers.

How to Take Advantage of Contacts in Your Network

Knowing the right people or having helpful contacts can be effective when you are looking for a good new job.

While your skills and experience are essential, direct referrals are usually one of the most effective ways for job seekers to get hired.

In certain situations, companies may allow a referred hire to start working sooner than an employee who joined the company through a different hiring process.

Using your network of colleagues and peers can be a great help during your search for employment.

When you are on a job search, you should consider looking through your network of contacts for anyone who works in a field that you have interest in.

Oftentimes, a contact that is already working will have inside information about how a company is running and whether or not they have a position that needs to be filled.

Even if the company does not currently have any openings, hiring managers usually like to hold on to the resumes of applicants who were referred by an employee of the company.

In the event that the position opens up at a later date, you may have a chance of getting hired.

In short, you should network as much as possible to find out about online job opportunities that you would not have known about otherwise.

Learn About Helpful Resources for U.S. Job Seekers

There are multiple United States government websites as well as local employment agencies available to help job seekers find online job opportunities for work.

For example, the U.S. Department of Labor has created a helpful website called CareerOneStop, which is a job search database that can be useful to Americans looking for employment.

Job seekers can use CareerOneStop to search through a variety of different employment and career training opportunities.

CareerOneStop offers job seekers numerous helpful tools to help them plan their job hunt as well as providing a job database to aid their search.

Individuals who use CareerOneStop can take advantage of job banks and other employment resources that are specifically aimed at them.

For example, the CareerOneStop website offers resources for young adults, older workers or job seekers with a criminal conviction.

By providing resources that target the specific needs of a group of job seekers, CareerOneStop makes looking for work easier and more efficient.

Another useful method for increasing your chances of finding employment is to enroll in the Department of Labor’s ApprenticeshipUSA program.

The ApprenticeshipUSA program offers a variety of apprenticeship and career training opportunities that can help job seekers improve their employability.

Prospective hires can visit the Department of Labor’s website to search for apprenticeship opportunities in their area that suit their interests and career goals.

Participants will receive hands-on training in a field of their choice, and in some cases, these may be paid apprenticeships.

While not all participants will receive an offer of a full-time position, everyone who completes an AppreticeshipUSA program will receive a nationally recognized certificate.