Learn About Steady Work From Home Jobs

There are many legitimate work from home jobs hiring now for those who need to earn steady incomes from home.

Employers are realizing the cost-saving benefits of hiring remote workers.

This means that more companies are creating new positions that can be efficiently performed from home, or other remote locations.

Work from home opportunities are available in many fields, including data entry, web design, customer service and medical transcription.

If you want to work outside of the traditional office setting, you can increase your chances of being hired by honing your skills in one of these professions.

Review the following sections to learn about legitimate work from home jobs hiring now, and how to separate the scams from the real jobs.

Learn About Legitimate Work From Home Jobs Hiring Now

Work from home opportunities used to be few and far between.

However, a current search for at-home jobs showcases a wide variety of positions across many professions. A recent sampling of remote jobs included:

  • A nonprofit organization seeking an email engagement campaign associate.
  • A full-time customer care associates to work for an international bank.
  • A video counseling firm requesting a Masters-level, Spanish/English bilingual clinical counselor.
  • A production artist position at an animal rights charity.
  • A military outreach group seeking veterans, military personnel and military families for customer care positions.
  • A health insurance company seeking virtual RN clinical consultants.
  • Software engineers and an engineering manager for a media-related company.
  • A retail pharmacy seeking a registered pharmacy technician for remote prescription entry.

Note that when applying for a legitimate work from home job, the application process is similar to applying for a traditional position.

You need to provide a strong resume and references. Usually, the company will request an interview conducted by phone or video conference.

If you are “hired” without going through any of these steps, it is safe to assume that the job is a scam.

About Data Entry Work From Home Jobs

Work from home jobs data entry opportunities are some of the most time-tested remote job opportunities, along with other administrative assistant positions.

Remote data entry jobs are available for people who have little office experience and for those with more advanced computer skills.

Attention to detail and strong concentration skills are necessary to succeed at data entry.

Some work from home data entry positions integrate other administrative assistant tasks, such as organizing meetings and responding to email or phone messages.

Although remote data entry associates usually enjoy flexible schedules, virtual administrative assistants are often required to work during normal business hours.

Learn About Work From Home Jobs for Moms

Work from home jobs for moms can be a great solution for parents who need a lot of wiggle room in their schedules.

Although the majority of women return to their jobs after having children, many still choose to stay at home after becoming mothers.

By choosing to work from home, a primary caregiver can keep career skills honed, and earn extra income, while being present with a child.

Mothers have long been successful at creating their own jobs online by selling goods and services on websites such as Etsy and Fiverr.

Crafting a unique product and providing excellent customer service is necessary to stand out on these user-rated forums.

It may be easier to earn steady, dependable income by looking for another type of job to do from home.

Work from home customer service positions abound, but they usually require employees to have a quiet workspace – something that is not always feasible with babies or small children underfoot.

Some mothers work around this by answering calls late at night or on weekends, when their partners are available to care for the children.

Work from home moms with specific skills in web development, engineering and marketing may be surprised by how many teleworking opportunities are opening up in these fields.

With the expansion of telemedicine, virtual nurse, doctor and physician’s assistant positions allow medical professionals to work from home. Teachers can find positions:

  • Writing or editing curriculum.
  • Answering student questions online.
  • Tutoring foreign students in English.

About Transcription Work From Home Jobs

Transcription remote jobs require learning how to quickly and efficiently turn audio content into written documents.

Transcribers are paid to listen to recordings of meetings, lectures and more, while typing what they hear.

Work from home transcribers need a computer, headset, high-speed internet access and excellent English skills.

Although many remote transcription jobs are in the medical field, positions are available in other areas of interest, such as court reporting and captioning movies or TV shows.

Most transcribing companies seeking work from home candidates provide paid training.

Even if you have done this type of work before, each company has its own specific content guidelines and software requirements.

Transcribers are generally paid by the audio minute, and have the flexibility to work remotely from any location. Currently, bilingual transcribers are in high demand.

How to Avoid Work From Home Job Scams

The best way to avoid work at home job scams is to stick to reputable job listing websites and well-known companies.

Start with Indeed, Monster or LinkedIn and search for “remote” work opportunities. In addition to these popular job-searching sites, there are reputable sites devoted only to at-home jobs, including:

  • Skip the Drive.
  • Flex Jobs.
  • Rat Race Rebellion.
  • Working Nomads.
  • Virtual Vocations.

Another way to find legitimate work from home jobs hiring now is to visit your favorite companies online.

Many popular businesses include teleworking opportunities on their career websites. If you go directly to the company, itself, you can avoid the possibility of being scammed, entirely.

Consider companies that have a good record of providing steady teleworking positions.

This includes health insurance providers, tutoring companies and big names in the computer, finance and telecommunication fields.

Amazon is one well-known corporation that continually advertises at-home positions.

Williams-Sonoma’s corporate website usually includes listings for work at home customer care representatives, who live in specific cities across the United States.

Hilton and other large hotel chains frequently advertise for at-home reservation agents.

Many of these jobs provide the same salary and benefits you would earn working at a corporate call center.